Q: How long does the ad expire?
A: After 30 days. After these days, the ad is deleted + all multimedia content to it (photos, video, etc.)

Q: My ad expire, what can i do ?
A: You can visit the dashboard, after that click on Edit button right beside your ad. If you are in, just click Save button (in very bottom of the page) to save your ad and the ad automatically will be updated with the current time. In this way you can modify every ad, to not expire for +30 days.

Q: Who can post ads?
A: Anyone who during registration has selected the registration type as owner or agency/agencies.

Q: Can I post a free ad?
A: Yes, you can post a free ad that is valid for 30 days. It is recommended to register as you can edit the listings or change their status in our search engine by making them VIP.
If you post an ad without registration, you won’t be able to edit it or change its status!

Q: What information is required when posting an ad?
A: When you log in to post your ad – you can see exactly what information we require. We are no different from other famous sites of this type.

Q: How much are the VIP packages that get the ads up in the search engine?
A: You can also see this at the bottom when you post a new ad. There you will find all the packages with the days and their price. Prices are subject to change, as are package names!

Q: Which package/rank is higher and how to distinguish vip ads?
A: Different packages have different names and prices. Featured/Premium. Featured are distinguished by a red search engine rank badge, and Premium by a blue one. That is, Featured are the lower (red) rank and Premium are the listings with a blue badge and are always at the top! You cannot buy both types, you have to wait for the given pack to expire and buy a new one as you want.

Question: What can we see in the Internet column in the search engine?
A: There are lists that are taken from various sites on the Internet on the same topic. The Internet category is for informational purposes only. You can search it and even find your new home, but we don’t post ads there and neither do our users! If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will select ads from all over the site that meet your criteria!

Q: Who can I contact on your team?
A: With Mariana Georgieva, who is also the owner of the portal! She is responsible for everything published on the site, as well as the owner of the domain and the hosting plan of the site!
She also lived abroad (England, France and Spain), has enough experience in the field and knows what you would like!

Q: Where is your office?
A: We currently do not have an active office. The site is new and we are currently trying to make it simple and functional enough to benefit all users looking for their new home!
If you have suggestions for its functionality, you can write to us at admin@imot.immo or use the contact form on the site!

Q: Where are you located?
A: We live in Sunny Beach in the Sunny Day 3 complex. For this reason, we are flexible and can accompany you (by appointment) to places in the neighborhood (Burgas/Varna) and act as intermediaries for your new home! There is a special section on our site where you can see what mediation is, as well as see a sample file (at the bottom of the page)! The format is pdf and accordingly you can decide if you want to work with us!
Note: This service is only for Bulgarian citizens!

Q: I’m looking for a new home around Varna and Burgas, but I can’t find suitable offers?
A: Just give us a call or email and we’ll get back to you! In the contact information (by phone or through the form on the site), leave information about the square footage, where and what is your budget! Keep in mind that the more informative you are, the easier it will be for us to select results that satisfy you! We recommend writing to us at our email address (admin@imot.immo)! We are always on the line and will answer you as soon as possible!

Q: Do you speak any other languages ?
A: We speak Russian and English too. Please, contact us via the contact form on any other languages and we can proceed to finding/provide answers to your questions!

Q: I have questions but can’t find an answer?!
A: Contact us by phone or through the contact form on the site and we will try to answer as quickly as possible!